Wintering & Loafing Shelters

Shelters suitable for a wide range of animal housing

SmartShelters' farming structures are the ideal shelter option for the whole spectrum of animal housing - from short-term needs through to longer-term applications.

If you're considering wintering your stock under cover or looking at covering a loafing pad, a SmartShelters structure is an excellent way to provide that shelter from the elements. Spacious, clear span, well-ventilated and brightly lit, your stock are sure to do well in a SmartShelter. 

  • Productivity
  • Increase milk production and reduce feed costs
  • Avoid expensive off-farm grazing
  • Make winter milking viable
  • Animal welfare
  • Improve cow condition and comfort through winter
  • Eliminate respiratory problems with SmartShelters’
  • industry leading airflow
  • Reduce mastitis
  • Cleaner udders and improved herd health
  • Environmental impact
  • Heavily reduced nutrient leaching in the wet months
  • Fully contained system provides total effluent capture
  • Off pasture wintering eliminates pugging and leaching
Key Numbers
  • 10-12m2 recommended space allocation per cow
  • 800mm of feed face/cow recommended for fair feeding
  • 50% feed savings
  • 5-10 degrees cooler in summer for ideal cow comfort and heat stress relief
  • 40m clearspan, no centre poles to hit
  • Custom configurations can be designed to suit your site 
Design considerations:
  • Install a membrane liner beneath your drainage system to future proof against regulation changes.
  • Ridge vents are required for removal of moisture accumulation
  • SmartShelters lend themselves perfectly to both woodchip and composting barn systems, as the constant airflow generated by the arched roof design keeps the bedding clean and healthy
  • Bedding should be mixed and aerated daily to prevent a crust forming
  • Heavy woodchip lasts longer and keeps cows cleaner
  • SmartShelters internal environment matches the optimal temperature range for cows; warmer in winter and up to 10 degrees cooler in summer
  • Most popular configuration features feeding through the sides with water supplies outside of the bedding area


12 Year Warranty
High Snow Ratings
High Wind Ratings
Proudly NZ Made
​We recently visited Brendon Mallia of Composting New Zealand to take a look at his shelter.
Composting New Zealand Project
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About Wintering & Loafing Shelters

12 Year Warranty
High Snow Ratings
High Wind Ratings
Proudly NZ Made