Stand-off Pad Shelters.

The ideal solution for:

  • Covered stand-off pads
  • Standoff shelter 
  • Protecting Paddocks

Pasture management in wet weather is a continual problem, and in many cases keeping stock off paddocks is the only way to avoid costly damage. SmartShelters' wide span, cost effective stand-off pad shelters are an excellent way to make sure your pasture stays in good condition, regardless of the weather. 

Improve Productivity

Not only will keeping your stock off paddocks in wet conditions eliminate pasture damage, you'll maximise your grass growth through that period too - a double benefit. In addition to this, providing your herd with shelter from the snow, wind or rain (and even sun) will reduce the amount of feed they need to consume, further reducing costs. 

Eliminate Effluent Run-off

Deep litter stand-off pads are an excellent way to manage effluent. The effluent is absorbed by the litter, and the SmartShelters design encourages airflow, which dries it out. Once dry, the litter can be turned to keep it friable. SmartShelters' stand-off pad shelters dramatically extend the lifespan of your litter material by keeping the rain off and allowing it to dry quickly. 

Even Temperatures

All SmartShelters structures use a heavy-duty ripstop roof cover which lets up to 90% of natural light through, but does not allow the sun’s heat to penetrate the shelter. Other farmers with SmartShelters structures tell us that the temperatures inside their SmartShelters tend to be 3-4 degrees cooler in summer and 3-4 degrees warmer in winter, compared with the outside climate. Even temperatures help your cows to conserve energy and maintain condition, saving on feed and vet costs. 

Improve Herd Health

Along with maintaining an even temperature throughout the year, SmartShelters' clear span roof design promotes continuous airflow, and minimises bird perches and areas for dust and bacteria to build up, keeping the air inside clean and fresh. Farmers who use SmartShelters structures notice an absence of respiratory diseases in their herds. 

Tough Materials for Long Lifespan

You have peace of mind with the SmartShelters twelve-year limited warranty against product faults. We use only the highest quality components to ensure that your shelter stands up to the conditions. SmartShelters structures are engineered to AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 and are rated to withstand wind and snow conditions. By using structural-grade Supergal galvanised steel framing and tough Ripstop roof covers we have built up a reputation for extremely high quality and long-lasting structures. 


12 Year Warranty
High Snow Ratings
High Wind Ratings
Proudly NZ Made
The South Caucasus Pipeline carries natural gas from Azerbaijan through Georgia to Turkey and the EU. SmartShelters supplied four container mounted shelters to the Azfen-Saipem joint venture, which is contracting to BP to build the pipeline.
Azerbaijan South Caucasus Project.
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12 Year Warranty
High Snow Ratings
High Wind Ratings
Proudly NZ Made