Dairy Goat Shelters

We know that animal housing is an important part of modern goat farming.

Why is a SmartShelters' structure your best option for housing your goats?   

Unmatched goat health and wellbeing

  • Moderate and even temperatures year-round - no expensive cooling systems necessary through summer 
  • Goats stay settled in a quiet, well-lit environment 
  • The high arched, clearspan SmartShelter design promotes good air movement and goat well-being  

A straightforward and comprehensive goat housing system

  • Very cost-effective 
  • Rapid design and construction process lets you start milking sooner 
  • Clearspan structure design eliminates internal obstacles or braces for total flexibility and future-proofing 
  • Excellent height clearance allows easy access for cleaning and servicing 
  • We take care of the full process – design, consent, construction and completion  

A smart, proven, high-performance building system

  • Engineer certified to AS/NZS:1170.2:2011 
  • High wind and snow ratings 
  • 12 year warranty 
  • Proven in the agricultural sector in NZ for over 20 years 
  • You can rely on the backup and support of a family owned business which began in 1915 
  • Widths and lengths to suit every configuration from 6m to 45m wide, any length 

We'd like to meet up with you to discuss how SmartShelters will bring efficiency and increased production to your farm. Get in touch today.

12 Year Warranty
High Snow Ratings
High Wind Ratings
Proudly NZ Made
The Department of Conservation employed SmartShelters to create a helicopter hangar and accommodation shelters for use in the Mouse Eradication Project in the wild Antipodes Islands. Check out our video on location.
Antipodes Completed Project by SmartShelters NZ
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About Dairy Goat Shelters

12 Year Warranty
High Snow Ratings
High Wind Ratings
Proudly NZ Made