Composting Barns


Composting barns are the future of soft floor cow housing.


Clean dry bedding is a huge advantage for cow health and winter milking. Sawdust is a widely available timber by-product, much cheaper and more available than heavier woodchip.

Space allowance 8-10m2 cow depending on annual use and whether feeding is inside the structure or separately on a feed pad.

Feeding along each side requires a concrete scraper lane for the cows to stand on and 750mm of feed face/cow.

A deep ripper attachment is needed to mix and allow oxygen into the bedding twice-daily.

40-60 degrees bedding warmth helps evaporate the moisture and works to kill pathogens which reduces mastitis.

An aerobic system of ‘good bugs’ composts the effluent and keeps the bedding dry with results in clean cows.

Once the bedding is taken out it can be used as fertiliser.

SmartShelters agri-structures have industry-leading airflow which is critical to keeping the bedding dry. This is achieved with the round design and high roof height. The photos in the gallery show 3.0m post height with a 7.5m centre height.

The white fabric is a heat and UV block.

  • Wintering dry cows
  • Housing winter milkers
  • Standoff off cows through wet spring and autumn times
  • Summer heat stress relief

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12 Year Warranty
High Snow Ratings
High Wind Ratings
Proudly NZ Made
SmartShelters played a critical role in the recent project to gather information about the Alpine Fault – New Zealand’s biggest earthquake threat.
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About Composting Barns

12 Year Warranty
High Snow Ratings
High Wind Ratings
Proudly NZ Made