Farm Events & Agricultural Trade Shows

All around the country, annual field days, farming events and Agricultural and Pastoral (A&P) shows are an excellent opportunity to connect with agricultural specialists and learn firsthand about their product offerings. These events showcase developments across the farming industry and provide ample opportunities for customers and end-users to discover, understand, consult, and explore the latest in engineered designs including  shelter fabrics and steel frameworks. Come visit SmartShelters at a regional or national event and let us play host to you!

Who is SmartShelters

SmartShelters, a part of CW Group Limited, was founded in 1915 as Cairns & Woodward and we are the longest established fabric clad shelter company in New Zealand. Over 100 years in business as a family-run enterprise, we have earned a reputation for producing high-quality, durable fabric shelters, supplying innovative products in a cost-saving manner, while providing unmatched customer service for all your weather sheltering needs.

Our products span across industries for any weather protection requirements, from world-class event structures to industrial shelters, wide-span covered areas to agricultural fabric buildings. Our team of dedicated and experienced engineers and sales consultants will help you identify your shelter needs and develop a custom solution for your project, no matter the size or scale.

Where You Can Find Us

For more than a decade, SmartShelters has had a regular presence at Fieldays and other A&P events across New Zealand. We participate in regional and national events to ensure we are meeting our customers where they shop. 

Plan to visit us at a Field Days or an A&P event near you to meet our team members. Experience our hospitality and customer service and learn about the quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness of our shelter solutions. Be sure to pick up fabric samples as well as brochures that outline full product specifications. Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to claim our promotional items and check out our past projects to get an idea of the quality and durability of our work. 

Expect to see us at these regional and national events:

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Why Choose SmartShelters

SmartShelters are durable, using only the highest quality materials, with galvanized steel framework, high grade insulating PE coated fabrics with UV protection and welded construction, H5 tanalised timber poles, and an industry-best 12 year pro rata warranty. 

For a shelter of any size, we can break down the unit costs and area coverage depending on desired materials and structure permanence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What marketing materials are available at our events?

We typically have brochures, branded tote bags, pens, bottle openers, presentation folders, and fabric samples available at our regional and national events. 

Who can I meet with at events?

At our regional events, we always have at least 2-3 professionals available for consultations, while at the National Fieldays event, we are all hands on deck with up to 9 people available for consultation.

Do we have examples of projects we’ve worked on? 

We have banners showing select products, as well as a full gallery of our previous work as permitted. 

Do we have samples of the materials we use or mock-ups of the structures?

Fabric samples are available at our events. While we have occasionally been able to demonstrate the steel and lining we use, we can’t guarantee we are able to do so at every event.

Do we have testimonials from our previous clients?

We have a wide selection of video testimonials from happy clients across a broad range of projects. 

How does visiting your booth differ from visiting your website?

We have a massive photo gallery of our previous projects available for perusal on site at events.

What sets us apart from other vendors?

What about visiting us at events do our customers get most excited about?

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