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A&P Show 

12-13 March 2021 

Come and see us at site N6

Wanaka Showgrounds 21 Stone Street, Wanaka

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High-tech patented woven weave fabric

  • Triple layered membrane for unparalleled strength
  • UV stabilisation
  • Natural light improving the  health of your cows and  working conditions for your people
  • Up to 12 degrees cooler in summer increasing production and cow comfort
  • Tested and trusted in the harshest of conditions from the extremes of the Antipodes Islands to the high country


commercial composting

Designed your way

  • Our in-house CAD and design team will create a customised shelter for your herd size and farm
  • Full on-farm dairy housing consultations

SmartShelters clear span

  • Reduces health and safety issues
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent natural ventilation and even temperatures

Natural and effective composting solutions

  • Soft floor bedding ripped daily
  • Healthier for your cows
  • Lower somatic cell count
  • Less lameness and mastitis issues