SmartShelters works with DOC

Antipodes Project.

The Department of Conservation employed SmartShelters to create a helicopter hangar and accommodation shelters for use in the Mouse Eradication Project in the wild Antipodes Islands. Check out our video on location.

The subantarctic islands experience relentless westerly gales, meaning the SmartShelter structures are rated to handle windspeeds of 230km/h. The 11.7m wide x 16m long hanger was recently erected in Invercargill to ensure all goes smoothly during construction by DOC staff on the island in March.

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UPDATE: The project was completed successfully with the shelters holding up well against everything the extreme weather could throw at them. Project Manager Stephen Horn commented that "the products have been really valuable for us and we'll certainly use them again." He was impressed with their durability; "they were able to stand up to the sub-antarctic climate, so extreme winds, and protecting the helicopters in particular from salt spray", and also commented that the structures were useful because they were easily transportable and easy to install manually without the use of machines.

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